Feel the light

At the speed of light,Van Ruysdael® Glass reflects warmth directly to where it is desired.

Beautiful, thin and so strong that future generations do not need to think about replacement. With this prospect, we no longer speak of an ecological footprint, but of space created for what truly matters. From the material to circularity, this slim window glass highlights the essential balance in our built heritage.


Photo by Paolo Pellegrin

Our mission

For over two decades Van Ruysdael believes in the right to live in an appealing and healthy living environment – not only for today’s generation, but also for future generations. In keeping with this, we invest in our cultural heritage, our environment and our well-being, all which are of inestimable importance.We pursue this goal by developing products and transferring knowledge, maximising the number of people who can enjoy the benefits of a secure, appealing and healthy environment.



Perfectly staged, the 3 types of Van Ruysdael® Glass: modern, classic and traditional. Just 6.5mm thin, this high-performance window glass is in complete harmony with the valuable, original windows. It is developed to fit any architectural style, size and shape. All additional performances are integrated: acoustics, safety, sublime clarity and longevity.

Without compromise, Van Ruysdael reflects the new form of authenticity.


Fully upgradable to meet the highest demands. Van Ruysdael sets the standard in historical glazing for original windows since 1999.


Company's history

Trompert’s Van Ruysdael, which he established in 1999, has become one of Europe’s leading research institutes for the preservation of historic window culture.

Many connoisseurs have asked him to bring new life to original windows, whose glory have been faded. His expertise is sought after by architects, builders and heritage owners. In 2002 he patented his Van Ruysdael® Glass and not long after completed both the Dutch and French National Parliaments with his glass.


Ever since,Van Ruysdael has become the reference in window restoration and is starred in Europe’s finest built heritage.