Huis Nolet

Overseen by Netherlands’ most renowned restauration architect Krijn van de Ende.

Huis Nolet is a place of representation to the international guests of the famous Dutch family distillery.

Villa Cavrois, Croix

Luminosity and comfort were key aspects of the modernist vision in architecture of the 1920s. It was conceived by masters such as Le Corbusier, Pierre Chareau and the Bauhaus movement.Villa Cavrois is a wonderful testimony to this concept built with great simplicity and elegance.

Because our company develops and operates by the same principles, we could preserve the steel windows with the finest glass.


Berlage Church

H.P. Berlage in full glory.

Perhaps the most influential Dutch architect of all time. Honoured and humbled that
Van Ruysdael® Glass is part of this once
in a life time refurbishment.Wonderful to continue his philosophy on the importance of craftsmanship, cooperation and knowledge to accomplish greatness.

Palais Bourbon


Sorbonne Universtiy


Apple Store Amsterdam

The historic windows in the atrium were restored and the extreme requirements and fervent wishes of Apple for the glass were aligned with the vision of the Dutch National Heritage Society.


Hotel Peninsula

One of the world’s most exclusive hotels in the heart of Paris.


Uniqlo Opéra Paris

Global flagshipstore opposite the famous Opéra by Garnier. This Van Ruysdael project was completed in 2009. The interior is designed by wonder-wall, Japan.


Palais Galliera


Ralph Lauren Paris

In 2010 Ralph Laurens opens a flagship store and restaurant in Paris. Located on Boulevard Saint-Germain, the store is housed in a restored 17th-century hôtel particulier.The 13,000-square-foot townhouse includes crystal chandeliers, wrought-iron balconies,Versailles-style parquet floors and Van Ruysdael® Glass.


Museum Huis Marseille

Like photography, the ins and outs of illumination is what keeps us going.

Huis Marseille chooses photography which focuses on a specific visual language and is characterized by a passionate spirit of inquiry, as part of an ongoing investigation into avant-garde innovation.

Huis Marseille AMS.jpg
Dutch National parliament Van Ruysdael Glass.jpg

Dutch Parliament

The unique invention, the patent, the ecological advantages and the cultural quality were the reasons for the nomination for the highest achievable standard in window glass.The application of Van Ruysdael Glass® in the monumental Dutch governmentbuilding and the offices of the Prime Minister became our premiere.

Maison Daniël Marot

As architect of the court, Daniël Marot introduced the very sought after Louis XIV flair to the Dutch Republic in the 18th century.

Popular by demand, this iconic room is a great reflection of his work for the high society.

During our site visit, best part of the job, we saw our philosophy come together: preserve what is valuable by choosing well, using less and make it last.


Chabot Museum

The Chabot Museum in Rotterdam by Gerrit Willem Baas (formerly Brinkman and van der Vlught) and Leonard Stokla (formerly Kromhout) from 1938.

The steel windows were preserved 13 years ago with Van Ruysdael® glass.


Château Clos-de-Vougeot

Standing in the very heart of Burgundy’s vineyards, it was originally a wine farm, built in the 12th century by monks from the nearby Abbey of Cîteaux.With its medieval vat-house and presses, Cistercian cellar and original kitchens, it forms a unique architectural whole, attracting history lovers, architecture lovers or wine lovers.The Chateau du Clos de Vougeot also hosts famous receptions. It is renowned as one of the very best “table d’hôte” of France.