Van Ruysdael gives much more meaning and value to your life in the house. It is glass that suits you and gives you what you expect from the living climate in your house. Now, but also later.

Your choice in sustainability

Thanks to research and two thousand years of experience with window glass, much is known about how to give homes the longest, best and zero-emissions future value.

At Van Ruysdael we therefore work with those values.

“That is more than an insulation value number, more than circular and more than an A label.”

“Van Ruysdael takes our architecture into the future in a regenerative way”

Michel Trompert

Discover all the achievements designed especially for you and actually for all of us.

Why Van Ruysdael glass

. The choice to do more with less.
. The way to lower the world thermostat.
. The economic, ecological, aesthetic and ethical balance.

. The simplicity with the most, best and best performance.

The ideal size

. The solid Van Ruysdael glass fits into the smallest rebate and installation is easy.

. It's glass from edge to edge.
. No cavity, gas, vacuum, strips, dots or colors.

In style

. Van Ruysdael glass protects and preserves the authentic windows and the original architecture. You can recognize it. It's our culture.

The clearest glazing

. Van Ruysdael glass allows up to 88% natural daylight to pass through. That is 10% more than vacuum glass and 20% more compared to triple glazing.

. Good for a healthy indoor climate and more light comfort.

The best acoustic performance

. The standard 6.5mm Van Ruysdael glass already provides up to 4dB acoustic improvement compared to single, vacuum and thin double glazing.

. The 8.5mm version even goes up to 9dB.

Maximum energy savings

. Van Ruysdael glass reflects the entire heat spectrum at the speed of light to the place where it is desired.

. Unreduced energy savings over the entire lifespan.

. The high thermal comfort keeps the thermostat lower.

The healthy living environment

. Unique to Van Ruysdael glass is that it does not displace moisture in the room. This prevents unhealthy   bacterial and fungal growth and building damage.

 The protection 

. The standard 6.5mm Van Ruysdael glass is burglar-resistant for maximum protection.

. It blocks 99.9% of UV rays.

 The circular and sustainable economy 

. Van Ruysdael glass is 100% lead-free, lasts up to 10 times longer compared to double glazing and is also 100% recyclable.

. This is unique and it is a regenerative system.

 The total comfort 

. Van Ruysdael glass provides the optimal thermal, acoustic and light experience. Together with safety and a healthy living environment.

. Protects everything that is close to our hearts.
. Ensures the positive footprint.
. And last but not least, it is carefree.