Van Ruysdael Glass is thinner, lighter, more beautiful and most performing. You can choose between Traditional, Classic or Modern style

Van Ruysdael Glass

Van Ruysdael is the founder of universally protective single glazing, with the most, best and most beautiful performances for preserving windows in existing buildings from before 1965.

Thinner, lighter, more beautiful and most performing

Van Ruysdael’s performing single-glazing solution is thinner, lighter and more beautiful. This unique glass has been specially designed with the interests of people and buildings in mind. All thinkable glass features can be found in our product range. Would you like to be advised about your specific situation, please request a quotation.

Cultural preservation

Van Ruysdael glass uses original traditionally manufactured glass as a base and consists of the best quality and most sustainable materials. What’s more, it's thickness – or should we say ‘thinness’ – down to 6,5 mm means that Van Ruysdael glass can be fitted in the original window frames, thus retaining and preserving the existing windows and architectural features.


Product range

The Van Ruysdael product range has been divided into three main architectural periods, namely traditional (pre-1920 glass), classic (glass fitted between 1920 and 1960) and modern (after-1960 glass). If you already know the architectural period you require, you only need to ask for glass most appropriate for your particular architectural style and preferences.

Van Ruysdael Modern reflection detail. Glass suitable for windows that where installed after 1960 installed after 1960
Van Ruysdael Classic reflection detail. Suitable for windows that where installed between 1920 -1960
Van Ruysdael Traditional reflection detail. Suitable for windows that where installed before 1920