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  • IN GOOD HANDS | Van Ruysdael glass

    In good hands Michel Trompert (1956) is the founder of Van Ruysdael. Most of his time is devoted to researching and writing about the future of our built heritage and product development. Today, with thousands of model projects completed, his vision is shared by many and continued by his two sons. The perspective of the past 20 years is being followed more and more. The employees at Van Ruysdael make a responsible contribution to today's most complex construction task: Realizing the climate objectives, protecting our built heritage and ensuring an attractive and healthy living climate, our mission . We take into account all relevant criteria so that we can give you advice and offer products that match. Contact us

  • Copes

    Copes All News Previous Next 16 Mar 2021 They proudly said: 'We will respect what we have discovered here, cherish the originality and live in a healthy climate. Here at home and for our planet. Today and the coming decades.'

  • DISCOVER | Van Ruysdael glass

    Van Ruysdael Glass Energy conservation Although most people believe that insulation and energy conservation entails the installation of double glazing and the presence of a low heat transfer coefficient, this does not always hold true in practice. It seems that Van Ruysdael glass, which offers a higher heat transfer coefficient, is more effective in energy conservation. Moreover, no new window frames need to be made, and the life span is significantly longer. Healthy indoor environment For two millennia, people have been living in healthy buildings with single glazing. For the past 40 years, energy conservation efforts have focussed on the use of thick or thin double glazing. However, we now know that this glazing detracts from the indoor environment. For this reason, Van Ruysdael developed insulating single glazing to maintain a pleasant and healthy indoor environment. Glass thickness The insulating performing single glazing is so thin that it will fit in the original window frames. Van Ruysdael offers a glass product for even the thinnest window frames. In order to calculate the maximum glass thickness for panes up to approx. 1.5m2, measure the depth of the frame (whether or not milled) and subtract 8mm. For larger panes, please contact us for further information. Unique performance Offering heat insulation, noise insulation, anti-burglary features and UV protection as standard, Van Ruysdael performing single glazing is available in panes down to 6.5 mm thick. We also offer a range of glazing offering additional technical benefits, such as additional noise insulation, additional security and uv protection. It’s up to you to determine the level of exclusivity or affordability of the solution you choose. Please contact us or request a quotation . Performances

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    Public Education Private Museums Unesco Retail Château Clos-de-Vougeot Standing in the very heart of Burgundy’s vineyards, it was originally a wine farm, built in the 12th century by monks from the nearby Abbey of Cîteaux. With its medieval vat-house and presses, Cistercian cellar and original kitchens, it forms a unique architectural whole, attracting history lovers, architecture lovers or wine lovers. The Chateau du Clos de Vougeot also hosts famous receptions. It is renowned as one of the very best “table d’hôte” of France. Vougeot Villa Héloïse Grand windows, glass finesse. Antibes Achter de Dom Glass like water, clear and vibrant. ​ This project shows that the old never gets old. Invisible technology in the vernacular architecture of the 17th century, just beneath the highest building of Utrecht: The Dom. Utrecht Huis Nolet Overseen by Netherlands’ most renowned restauration architect Krijn van de Ende. Huis Nolet is a place of representation to the international guests of the famous Dutch family distillery. Schiedam Atelier Jan Snoeck Refurbishment of the atelier into a home to live. ​ In everything we do at Van Ruysdael we follow our good friend and sculptor Jan Snoeck’s (1927-2018) motto: ‘Simplicity brings with it a great deal of responsibility’. The Hague Kanaalweg Anno 1899, ready for the next generation. The Hague The Camel Architect Loggers was clearly influenced by the Amsterdamse School in this interbellum forrest villa. Holten Av. Théophile Gautier Private residence in the 16eme arrondissement. Just 6.5mm separation between chaos and peace. Van Ruysdael Glass determines the quality of life. Day and night.Year after year. Glass that seamlessly connects unique performances with the original Haussmann windows. Paris Loft Rue du Chemin Vert Van Ruysdael project published in COTÉ PARIS no 47. At a stone’s throw from the Picasso Museum, the architects merge two artists’ studios together by light and transparency. Original steel windows project the space into another dimension.That of a house-workshop open to the city. Paris Keizersgracht Young pioneers that found us in our shared love for beauty. Amsterdam Het Kerkehout A decor from the Golden Age. Wassenaar Maison Foncin Cavalaire sur mer Robert Mallet-Stevens Second building of prominent French architect Mallet Stevens (1886-1945) with Van Ruysdael Glass. Paris Donker Curtiusstraat Amsterdam Maison Daniël Marot As architect of the court, Daniël Marot introduced the very sought after Louis XIV flair to the Dutch Republic in the 18th century. Popular by demand, this iconic room is a great reflection of his work for the high society. During our site visit, best part of the job, we saw our philosophy come together: preserve what is valuable by choosing well, using less and make it last. The Hague Waterfabriek Breda Château Pindefleurs Prestigious wine chateau in Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux. Saint-Émilion Château de Galleville The owner is an early adapters with his domain completed in 2007. Doudeville Castle Endegeest The 17th century castle - where the French philosopher René Descartes lived - now consumes a fraction of the energy needed for heating. In addition the living environment has significantly improved by the 6.5mm Van Ruysdael Glass in the original windows. Oegstgeest House in Langebrug Leiden Chalet Les Déserts Generali, Av. d'Iéna Paris Castle Cortenbach Voerendaal House in Koornmarkt Delft Fabrieksschool Enschede Dennehove The Hague De Drie Wilgen Ellemeet Castle Drakensteyn Lage Vuursche Villa van Heek Enschede House in rue du Bourdon Blanc Orleans

  • City Palace - Daniël Marot - The Hague

    City Palace - Daniël Marot - The Hague All News Previous Next 24 Feb 2021 As court architect, Daniël Marot introduced the flair of the Louis XIV style to the Dutch Republic of the 18th century. Wildly popular due to huge demand, this iconic space well reflects its work for the elite. During our visit - the best part of our work - we saw the Van Ruysdael philosophy come together: preserve what is valuable by choosing well, using less with the longest lifespan.

  • Place Stanislas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Place Stanislas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site All News Previous Next 8 Jan 2020 Place Stanislas is one of Van Ruysdael’s 5 completed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Perhaps the one with the best story. So clear and light. Nancy was the temporary residence of Stanislas Leszczynski, a king without a kingdom. Paradoxically it is the oldest and most typical example of a modern capital where the enlightened king was sensitive to the needs of his people. The brilliant Emmanuel Héré and his team built this savvy project from 1752 until 1756. Place Stanislas is undisputedly a masterpiece of this highly adept genius. See the explicit difference between the old and the restored part of the pavilion.

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    Order Proces You will receive price and delivery information in a tailor-made quotation . You can convert the desired quotation into an order, with delivery of the glass following payment. Finally, you can ask for a guarantee certificate if the glass is installed in accordance with our guidelines. Quotation After requesting a quotation, you will receive the desired price and delivery information from Van Ruysdael within a few days. Use the architectural style of your project and the preferred properties of the glass to choose a type of glass from our product range. If you require additional advice, please feel free to contact us . When requesting a quotation you will need to gives us the (approximate) dimensions and quantity of the glass and if necessary the models needed. When placing an order, you will need to enter the precise dimensions of the glass and the model types. You can measure the dimensions yourself or ask your glazier to do this. If you are looking for a glazier, we can advise you on this as well. Ordering If you have already received a quotation that you wish to convert into an order, please sign it for approval and return it to us. After submitting your order, you will receive an order confirmation within a few days. This confirmation states the order details, price and delivery date indication. Check the order and send the order confirmation back to us by e-mail or post, signed for approval. If the order is incorrect, please contact us. You effect payment in the manner outlined on the invoice. Once your payment is received, you will receive confirmation of the delivery date. Delivery The glass will be delivered to the delivery address you specify. A few days before delivery, you will be informed about the day on which the glass will be delivered. Please check the delivery within 48 hours. In the case of cracks/breakage, send photos of the damage to mail@van-ruysdael.com . Once the notification of damage has been approved, we will quickly dispatch a replacement delivery. Guarantee Van Ruysdael glass is a unique product that has a longer life span than other insulating glazing. In order to give you a guarantee that you have purchased an authentic Van Ruysdael product, we will be pleased to send you a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. Do you want a 15-year warranty, you should install the glass using Van Ruysdael Mastic according to our installation instructions. We have fine-tuned this combination of products in such a way that the glass, the window and the paintwork will now have a much longer life span. This saves you a lot of worry and a lot of money. These days, more and more glaziers who work with Van Ruysdael now offer a guarantee on glass installation. Ask your glazier about the guarantee they provide.

  • Van Ruysdael glass in Johan de Witthuis

    Van Ruysdael glass in Johan de Witthuis All News Previous Next 15 Jun 2020 Perhaps the Johan de Witthuis is as enlightened as the late influential statesman of the Dutch Golden Age himself. Approaching completion of the current renovation, Van Ruysdael is trusted to preserve the exemplary light conditions with her glass. Once again. Because after the devastating fire in 2005, 15 years ago we installed our first original Van Ruysdael glass in the Johan de Witthuis. Good to be back.

  • Van Ruysdael glass in Villa Héloïse, Antibes

    Van Ruysdael glass in Villa Héloïse, Antibes All News Previous Next 30 Nov 2021 Grand windows, glass finesse. The meticulous craftsmanship of partner L'Ébénisterie strengthens the essential value we add to our work. As purists, together, we only make choices that are built to last. Read the full interview.

  • Van Ruysdael glass in Pellonda Biasca, Swiss 1587

    Van Ruysdael glass in Pellonda Biasca, Swiss 1587 All News Previous Next 31 Mar 2021 Feel the light, anywhere always. More relevant now spring arrived. Thanks for transcending this emotion Supsi Architettura.